Can Horses Eat…?

What Can Horses Eat?


Welcome to! We’re dedicated to developing a resource which will let horse owners know exactly what their animals can and cannot eat. We’re dedicated to answer some of the most frequently asked “Can Horses Eat…?” questions so that horses can live healthy and long lives and owners can give their horses treats without having to worry. When it comes to what horses can eat it is near impossible to analyse every single different food that your horse may come across, however in the table below we’ve sorted 50 of the most common foodstuffs that owners are unsure whether or not they can feed their equine friends. Click on any food items below to find out whether or not your horse can eat that food!

Apples Asparagus Bananas Bread Broccoli
Buttercups Cabbage Carrots Celery Chocolate
Corn Cucumbers Cut Grass Dandelions Eggs
Garlic Grapes Grass Honey Ivy
Jelly Beans Johnson Grass Kale Kiwi Lemons
Lettuce Meat Mints Mushrooms Nectarines
Nuts Oak Leaves Oranges Onions Parsnips
Peaches Peanut Butter Peanuts Pears Pineapple
Porridge Oats Potatoes Pumpkin Raisins Rice
Silage Straw Strawberries Thistles Tomatoes
Turnips Walnuts Watermelon Wheat Yogurt

We’re confident that if you’re wondering “What can my horse eat?” then this table will go long way to answering a lot of your questions. Other resources that you might find useful to answer you’re questions are shown below: