Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Apples?


Yes, horses can definitely eat apples! In fact, apples are one of the most commonly cited treats that owners recommend giving a horse. They are sweet, crunchy and frankly you’d be hard pressed to find a horse that isn’t in love with apples!

The only thing which is recommended when feeding horses apples is to prepare them properly. The most crucial part of preparing an apple for a horse to eat is to ensure that you remove the seeds from the centre. This is because apple seeds release small amounts of cyanide when digested which can be harmful to your horse over the long term. Simply remove the seeds from the apple with a knife or an apple corer.

Can Horses Eat Apples?

If you have been feeding apple seeds to your horse then don’t worry, it is unlikely that they have been suffering any side effects. From now on though you should definitely be more careful, you don’t want your horse to become ill over something as silly as some apple seeds!

It is also highly important to thoroughly wash apples and remove any stickers which might be on them before feeding them to a horse. We also recommend that you chop apples up into halves or quarters so that they are more manageable for horses. This also has the added benefit that you can easily remove and check for seeds.

A key thing to remember about feeding apples to horses is that they are relatively high in sugar when compared with their regular diet; therefore you should ensure that you only feed apple to your horse as a treat once or twice a week. You should feed your apple no more than one or two apples at a time either; all things in moderation.

If your horse loves eating apples then let us know in the comments below!

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