Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Bananas?


Yes, horses can indeed eat bananas! In fact many owners profess that bananas are one of their horses’ favourite treats! As you may know from your own experiences of owning horses their favourite treats have sweet, fruity flavours; and bananas certainly fit the bill.

What is even better is that bananas are an excellent source of potassium, so might want to consider feeding your horse a banana or two every week as part of a balanced diet. Potassium is so key to the equine diet in fact that horses may stop eating all foods altogether unless they have enough potassium!

Having said that it is very uncommon for horses to suffer from potassium deficiency. The plants and grass horses forage are good sources of the mineral so you shouldn’t have to worry.

Can Horses Eat Banana Skins?

Yes!Can Horses Eat Bananas

What is even more remarkable about horses is that they might actually enjoy the skin just as much, although this can differ between horses.

Many horses report that some horses love banana whilst others will turn their noses up at it! Remember that just because your horse doesn’t want to eat a food doesn’t mean that it is bad for it. If you’re really determined for your horse to have a taste of banana then you might want to chop up a banana into smaller slices as you would do for a child and then mix into their regular feed.

There is even some anecdotal evidence of horses squeezing the banana out and eating only the skin itself!

The only thing you might want to consider chopping of the ends of the banana so that it is easier to eat for your horse and it makes it more appetizing for them as they can smell the sweet fruit inside.

Remember that the most important thing to consider when feeding a horse fruits and vegetables is to ensure that they are not old or moldy. Moldy food can be very dangerous for a horse as it has the ability to cause colic.

 Does your horse love eating bananas or banana skins? Let us know below!

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