Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Broccoli?


Yes, horses can eat broccoli! An occasional piece of broccoli will not harm your horse in any way, however we do recommend that you only ever feed your horse 2-4 ounces of broccoli in one day. Because of broccoli’s high fibre content it has a tendency to produce a lot of gas when it is being digested. This can be dangerous for horses as they are already prone to gastrointestinal upsets that can lead to colic.

If you are feeding your horse broccoli make sure you are doing so in moderation and as part of an already balanced diet. If you are in doubt about feeding your horse broccoli for whatever reason then we always advise that you don’t feed it to your horse. Never feed your horse something you aren’t confident about, no matter what we say on our site!

It is also key to remember that when you are feeding your horse broccoli that you make sure that it is fully clean and fresh. However, Can Horses Eat Broccolinever feed a horse broccoli (or any other food) that has been freshly picked from the ground. This is because freshly picked food may still have bacteria or mold on it, as well as any fertiliser or pesticides that have been added to help the vegetable grow. Always make sure to clean all food for your horse thoroughly in cold water.

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