Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Carrots?


Yes, horses can eat carrots!

Carrots are perhaps one of the most famous treats that horses love to eat. Their sweet taste and appealing crunchy texture make them one of the most commonly loved treats amongst all horses. In our experience you’ll be hard pressed to find a horse that isn’t in love with carrots!

The most important thing to take into account when feeding your horse carrots is to make sure that they are prepared properly. First of all you are going to want to make sure that the carrots you are feeding your horse are completely clean by washing them in cold water. Make sure that there is no soil on the carrots; especially if you have grown them in your own garden.

Now that you have completely clean carrots you will want to chop them up into pieces that are manageable for your horse. You shouldCan Horses Eat Carrots never feed your horse carrots that have been sliced up into chunks. This is because the hard, round chunks are a choking hazard for your horse. Instead you will want to chop the carrot vertically and then horizontally, creating 4 quarters. These can then be fed to your horse, or they can be halved again to create 8 pieces.

When feeding your horse carrots you can either feed them by hand one at a time or mix them in with your horse’s regular food. Always remember to lay your hand flat when hand-feeding your horse so they don’t accidentally catch your fingers though!

Got any stories about how much your horse loves carrots? Let us know in the comments below!

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