Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Celery?


Yes, horses can eat celery! As with all vegetables it is recommended that celery is washed and cut up into manageable chunks, but otherwise celery is perfectly fine as a component of a balanced diet for your horse.

In fact, celery can be an excellent source of fibre in a horse’s diet. Fibre is crucially important to a horse to keep their digestive system constantly working. If your horse has a particularly fancy for celery then it’s certainly a healthier treat than other sugary fruits and certainly cheaper than store-bought horse treats.

Not all horses will eat celery as it doesn’t have a particularly strong taste, nor is it very sweet as some horses love. However, many horse owners say that their horses love the crunch and the texture of celery and will do anything just to get a bite!

Another excellent way that celery can be used is to get used to hand feeding your horse. The long stems of celery give you and your horse lots of room to get used to keeping fingers away from danger! Another bonus to training a horse with celery is that it can be given to horses in relatively large quantities (unlike sugary fruits like apples and oranges which should be used only as treats).

Can Horses Eat Celery Leaves?

Yes! Just because most people choose to discard celery leaves when cooking (they’re edible for humans too actually) doesn’t mean Can Horses Eat Celerythat horses won’t enjoy eating them.

Providing that the celery and the leaves are properly prepared and cleaned then your horse might take a liking to celery and its leaves. What is even better is that celery is completely safe for a horse to eat.

Does your horse love eating celery? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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