Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Chocolate?


No! Whilst a small amount of chocolate will not harm a horse it is not advisable that you feed your horse chocolate. It is well known that chocolate (or more specifically the theobromine it contains) is toxic is other animals such as cats and dogs. Horses are also unable to metabolise theobromine and therefore we do not advise that you feed your horse chocolate under any circumstances.

We wish to reinforce this point further if you are an owner of a horse which is actively competing in events and shows. As we’ve mentioned chocolate contains theobromine and occasionally caffeine, both of which can result in a positive drug test if found in significant enough quantities in your horse’s system. Raising and training a horse as well as competing can be very expensive, so you shouldn’t endanger your horse’s competitive career just for a taste of chocolate!

Having said all that chocolate is unlikely to put your horse’s health in danger unless it has eaten a large quantity. A square of your Can Horses Eat Chocolatechocolate bar is unlikely to cause any detrimental effects to a horse, just as it wouldn’t any other pet.

If you believe that your horse has accidentally consumed a large amount of chocolate then it is advisable that you contact your vet. And remember, if you’re in any doubt then don’t feed a horse something you are unsure about!

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