Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Cucumbers?


Yes, horses can eat cucumbers!

Cucumbers can be one of a horses favourite treats are they are relatively sweet and juicy with a crunchy texture too. Cucumbers are mostly water too, meaning that feeding horses a cucumber occasionally is very unlikely to interfere with their diet in any way.

The only thing to consider when feeding your horse cucumbers is to ensure that they are properly cleaned and prepared. You will want to wash any food you give your horse thoroughly in cold water to remove any bacteria, soil or insecticides that may be on it. Then you will want to chop up your cucumber into manageable size chunks that your horse will not have difficultly chewing and swallowing.

Ideally you will want to chop your cucumber into 6-8 segments along the length of the cucumber. These can then be placed into your Can Horses Eat Cucumbershorses regular food or fed to your horse by hand, watch your fingers though!

As with all foods we recommend that you feed your horses cucumbers in moderation. One cucumber should suffice as a treat no more than once or twice a week.

Does your horse love cucumber? Let us know in the comments below!

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