Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Dandelions?


Yes, horses can eat dandelions! 

If you have found your horse eating dandelions then don’t worry! Dandelions are completely harmless for horses to eat. Whilst we don’t recommend letting your horse eat a huge amount of dandelions they are naturally going to eat them as they graze grass in their field or when they are out riding. In fact some horses will deliberately take an odd route around on a ride just so they can eat dandelions on the way!

What is even more remarkable is that some owners report that their horses actively seek out dandelions if they are showing symptoms of a cough or cold as a way of self-medicating! Dandelions are also used in some medicines designed for people, so perhaps this should come as no surprise. If your horse has a cough then why not try feeding it some washed dandelion leaves to see if they help with the symptoms? Make sure you always contact your vet first though!

As  a final note there are some very rare cases in which eating dandelions has been linked to horses developing Stringhalt in AustralianCan Horses Eat Dandelions pastures. This is because of a unique mold that is believed to grow on both dandelions and flatweed in Australian fields during the Autumn. If your horse is showing signs of  Stringhalt then we highly recommend weeding your pasture to ensure that there are no dandelions left on the land. Always make sure to contact your local vet if your horse is showing any sign of Stringhalt.

Does your horse love eating dandelions? Let us know in the comments below!



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