Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Grapes?


Yes, horses can eat grapes! Whilst there is evidence to suggest that grapes are toxic to dogs there is no problem in feeding grapes to horses. In fact, grapes make an excellent treat to carry around with you when riding, brushing or spending time with your horse due to their small size.

A great way to feed grapes to horses, especially in the summer, is to freeze them so they are more crunchy and unusual for your horse.

The only thing which we would urge you to do with grapes is to thoroughly wash them in cold water before feeding them to your animal. This ensures that any pesticides or bacteria are washed off and they are as safe to eat as possible. Many owners also encourage chopping grapes in half to make them easier to go down for horses, but the fact is that they’re so small you shouldn’t really have to worry about this!

We also recommend that if you are going to be feeding grapes to your horses that you try and get the seedless variety as seeds are Can Horses Eat Grapesgenerally regarded as being bad for your horse’s health.

Furthermore, don’t regularly feed grapes to your horse as the sugar content can be bad for them. Grapes (as with other fruit) should only be integrated into a balanced diet as occasional treats once or twice a week.

 Have you got any stories about feeding your horse grapes? Let us know in the comments below!

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