Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Honey?


Yes, horses can eat honey! In fact, honey is one of the main products that is found in a lot of commercial horse treats so you should have no worries about feeding your horse a small amount of honey. Many owners of horses may be concerned about botulism when feeding their horse honey, however it is highly unlikely that your horse will suffer any negative effects from eating a small amount of honey mixed in with oats or grain as a treat.

What is even better about honey is that is can actually be considered good for your horse! Not only is honey an excellent sources of Vitamins A-E, but it is also abundant in antioxidants. As you may well know antioxidants are great for keeping your horse healthy as they prevent ageing and aid in the healing of wounds.

If that wasn’t enough honey can also be used to help soothe horses that have a pollen allergy. A tablespoon or two of honey a day hasCan Horses Eat Honey been shown to reduce the symptoms of hay fever in not only horses but people too! If your horse is showing symptoms of a pollen allergy (the main one of which is head shaking) then you definitely consider including a small amount of locally produced honey in your horses food each day.

As with all foods honey needs to be fed to your horse in moderation and as part of a balanced diet. Furthermore, if your horse has any prior medical conditions such as diabetes or being overweight then you may want to consider avoiding giving your horse honey. This is due to its high sugar content of around 80%.

Got any stories of feeding your horse honey or a horse that has hayfever? Leave us a comment below!

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