Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Lettuce?


Yes, horses can eat lettuce! Lettuce is a fairly bland vegetable so it might not be your horse’s favourite treat, but it will certainly not cause your horse any harm if it eats lettuce. Having said that many horses will be in love with lettuce because of its crunchy and moreish taste. You need to experiment with your horse to find out what your horses favourite treat is!

In fact, if your horse has taken a particularly liking to lettuce then it will be a much better treat for it than sweet fruit or other rich vegetables as it is less likely to cause any stomach upsets or make your horse overweight from too much sugar in the diet.

The main thing to consider when feeding your horse lettuce is to ensure that the vegetable is prepared properly. In the case of lettuce thisCan Horses Eat Lettuce means washing the leaves thoroughly and ensuring that there is no dirt or mold left on the leaves. You are then going to want to chop up the lettuce or rip off individual leaves so that you can feed your horse the lettuce slowly and in more manageable chunks.

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