Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Meat?


Whilst eating a small amount of meat shouldn’t cause your horse any harm we do not recommend feeding your horse meat.

A bite of a burger or a sandwich is very unlikely to cause your horse any harm or discomfort, but we cannot advise that you integrate meat into your horses diet in any way. Horses are known as “herbivores” which means they are highly specialised towards a diet of plants. This means that they do not have the teeth or the digestive systems necessary to eat meat as part of their diet.

Furthermore, the unusual nature of meat for horses increases the risk that the food might cause them to the stomach upsets and discomfort known as colic. Under no circumstances should you put your horse’s health at risk by feeding it something with the potential to cause colic.

In a controversial book by CuChullaine O’Reilly the author claims that some horses which have had meat regularly in their diets will Can Horses Eat Meatbegin crave meat and act aggressively in order to get access to it!

If for no other reason you shouldn’t feed your horse meat because it is so much more expensive than regular horse food which it should be fed!

As we’ve said, your horse is unlikely to be harmed if it has a small amount of meat, but we never recommend that your horse eats any meat.

Got any anecdotes about your horse trying a taste of meat, or getting an upset stomach because of it? Leave us a comment below!


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