Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Nuts?


No! Horses should not be fed nuts because they have the potential to cause colic.

Many horse owners associate nuts with causing allergies in humans and are worried that their horse might be the same. There is very little evidence to suggest that nuts can cause an allergic reaction in horses, although they still should not be included in their diet.

Similar to the seeds of some fruits such as apples, nuts can produce toxins as they are moving through the digestive system. This is what Can Horses Eat Nutshas the highest risk of causing colic in your horse. Whilst some commercially available feeds are known to contain nuts these will have been properly cooked and prepared to be suitable for consumption by your horse. We don’t recommend that you ever feed nuts to your horse under any circumstances!

As with all foods that we advise against feeding your horse it is unlikely that a very small amount will have an affect on your animal, however if you notice that your horse is in any discomfort or acting unusually after eating nuts then we advise that you get in contact with your local veterinarian.

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