Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Peaches?


Yes, horses can eat peaches!

Horses will love the sweet, juicy taste of peaches! We recommend them highly as a treat for your horse so long as they are prepared properly.

The main thing to take into consideration when feeding your horse peaches is to ensure that you remove the large seed or stone from within the center. This is because seeds and stones of fruit can not only be poisonous to horses because of the cyanide they release when digested, but also because they present a choking hazard.

As with all food we recommend that they are chopped up into manageable chunks so that your horse can easily chew and swallow them and this also applies to peaches. We recommend that they are at the very least chopped into halves before feeding them to your horse.

Furthermore, it is crucially important when feeding your horse any fresh fruit or vegetables to make sure that they are fully clean and Can Horses Eat Peachesfree or mold or decay. This is because horses have very fragile digestive systems that are easily unsettled by bacteria and fungus. Horses eating food that has gone off is one of the leading causes of colic.

Finally, when feeding your horse peaches we highly recommend that you do so in moderation and as part of an already balanced diet. Peaches are much richer than a horse’s regular food therefore they should eat no more than two or three a day. This is especially true if your horse has a history of being overweight or has diabetes because of the relatively high amount of sugar in fruit.

Got any stories about your horse eating peaches? Let us know in the comments below!

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