Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Peanut Butter?


Yes, horses can eat peanut butter! Whilst peanut butter is okay to feed to your horse we do not recommend that you feed it in any large quantities. This is because peanut butter can be very rich and full of sugar, salt and preservatives which aren’t good for your horse if it eats a lot of them.

The advice we usually give regarding peanut butter is that it is okay in a small amount or incorporated into other treats that you can make for your horse, such as “cookies” or fruit bars.

Many owners are worried that their horses will be allergic to peanuts since peanut allergy is so prevalent amongst humans. In horses Can Horses Eat Peanut Butterhowever there are next to no instances of peanuts being an allergen. With that said should your horse show any negative symptoms after eating peanut butter then it is definitely recommended that you avoid feeding them in the future.

Feeding peanut butter to horse perhaps become so famous because of the fictional horse “Mr. Ed” who could talk with humans. In the filming of the TV series the producers of the show fed the horse with peanut butter to make it move its mouth around and make it appear to the audience that the horse actually was talking!

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