Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Peanuts?


No! Horses should not eat peanuts as they have the potential to cause colic!

Unlike peanut butter we do not recommend that you let your eat peanuts. This is because similar to other nuts, peanuts can release toxins that have the potential to upset your horses stomach and cause colic. We do not even recommend peanuts which have been cooked and pre-packaged as they often contains large amounts of preservatives and salt that can be just as harmful to your horse!

Many owners associate peanuts with allergies in humans, however there is very little evidence to suggest that horses can suffer from Can Horses Eat Peanutspeanut allergy. Despite this we still strongly recommend against feeding your horse peanuts.

As with most foods that we advise against feeding your horse it is very unlikely that a few peanuts will cause any appreciable harm to your horse, so don’t start panicking if you’ve slipped your horse a few! Despite this, if your horse has eat peanuts recently and is showing symptoms of stomach upset or is acting out of the norm then you will want to consider getting in touch with your vet.

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