Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Pears?


Yes, horses can indeed eat pears! In fact, pears can be one of a horses favourite treats because they are sweet and juicy. Horses tend to prefer very ripe, squidgy pears but make sure that your pears aren’t old or rotten!

The best way to prepare a pear for a horse is to thoroughly wash it in cold water and then chop it into quarters. You may also wish to remove the seeds from the core of the pear too.

Most experts advise that you do not feed horses too many seeds or pips from fruit. This is due to the trace amounts of cyanide found in Can Horses Eat Pearsfruit seeds that can be harmful if they are eaten in large enough quantities or repeatedly over a long period of time.

As with all sugary fruits we recommend that horses only eat them as part of a balanced diet as a treat once or twice a week. It is crucially important not to let a horse eat pears (or any other kind of fruit) that it finds on the ground.

This is not only because the seeds will not be removed from the fruit, but also because the fruit may be moldy or dirty. Horses should never eat moldy food as they are very susceptible to stomach upset and colic due to their inability to vomit.

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