Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Potatoes?


No, horses cannot eat potatoes! Whilst it is unlikely that any harm will come to your horse if it eats a small amount of potato we never advise that you feed your horse potatoes under any circumstances. This is because potatoes are part of the nightshade family of foods and therefore they contain the toxin solanine.

Solanine is a poisonous substance that is found it many vegetables and plants including tomatoes. Humans are very rarely affected by solanine poisoning because cooking potatoes breaks down and destroys the poison before it ever gets a chance to enter the system. However there is a high risk of solanine being present in raw potatoes and therefore you should never feed your horse potatoes, especially those which are showing signs of being green or undercooked.

In cases where your horse has eaten a large quantity of raw potatoes it may show symptoms of solanine poisoning.Can Horses Eat Potatoes

Despite the fact that potato chips / crisps are made from cooked potato we still do not recommend feeding them to horses. This is more because of the large quantity of salt and preservatives that many of these snacks contain.

As with most of the foods on our website it is crucial to remember that a small quantity is unlikely to harm your horse. You should only be worried if your horse has accidentally eaten large quantities or is showing symptoms of having an upset stomach or other illness.

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