Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Straw?


No, horses cannot eat straw! Whilst straw is one of the most highly recommended bedding materials for horses you shouldn’t let your horse eat straw if you can prevent it.

Straw is very thick and can cause impactions in the gut and intestines of a horse if it eats too much too quickly. However, the main reason for owners recommending against feeding horses straw is that it can become old and moldy. The mold and the fungal spores that can grow on straw can cause your horse to become very unwell and may even result in death if not treated.

In the wild horses will eat for at least 12 hours a day, constantly grazing on grass and nearby plants. If you horse is contained within its stable for extended periods of time it can get bored and may resort to eating its bedding material in a resort to occupy itself or fill its natural instinct to graze.

If you are having issues with your horse eating straw then we recommend that you take measures to prevent it doing so. The main thing we recommend is to allow your horse more time outside of its stable to graze on grass naturally. Interacting with other horses and the environment will also go a long way towards preventing your horse becoming bored when it is inside its stable.

The second thing we recommend to prevent your horse eating straw bedding is to give your horse a feed bag inside its stable Can Horses Eat Strawcontaining food. This food should not be your horses main feed as standing around eating all day will increase the risk of your horse becoming overweight. Instead you want to feed your horse with a “filler” food such as hay or a small amount of grain that it can occupy itself with.

If you have any inclination that your horse has been eating large amounts of straw and is acting oddly as a result then we highly advise that you contact your vet.

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