Can Horses Eat…?

Can Horses Eat Turnips?


Yes, horses can eat turnips!

Whilst horses can manage with eating a small amount of turnip without any harm coming to them we only recommend feeding them 2-4 ounces of turnip per day. This is because turnip has the potential to upset a horse’s stomach and give it diarrhoea. As you may know as a horse owner stomach upsets are fairly serious for horses and therefore you should avoid them at all if possible.

A small amount of turnip is completely fine to feed your horse if it will eat some, however if your horse shows that turnip has a propensityCan Horses Eat Turnips to make it’s stomach upset then we advise that you avoid doing so in the future.

In order to prepare turnip we recommend that the outer skin is removed with a knife and the turnip is chopped into long sticks, similar to carrot sticks. This reduces any risk that your horse could choke whilst also making it easier to hand feed. You will also want to ensure that the turnip is thoroughly washed to clean away any dirt or pesticides that might be on it.

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